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monday morning sees me return here, my first post since winter. the cusp of summer is about me now, meadows in breezy bloom, and long mild evenings nearly merging with early dawn. a lot of time spent alone, baking and reading, evening walks round the park, along the river, with the odd attempt at golf. for i've moved from the country barn to a city flat of grandeur georgian proportions; a fortunate find with maggie whilst she was here in the spring. it's large shuttered windows are perfect for standing by, mug of tea in hand, watching the infrequent rain fall down on passers-by below. the park just outside, and the river beyond, means i am still clinging to a sense of countryside here. yet it feels incomplete without maggie here; spring was a special time, where time offered the luxury for ordinary companionship. people take for granted the comfort of waking up and coming home to someone you love every day.

in such time alone, music is seemingly filling the silence in the place. the high ceilings offer an echoing reverb when i play, or floats songs from one side of the flat to the other when the stereo is on. these past few evenings i've been enjoying these videos shot by vincent moon, of bands playing very unique versions of their songs. they feel intimately cinematic, or carefree and rambunctious:

bon iver:

the shins:

the national:

alan sparhawk (of low):

they are all just ridiculously good.

otherwise, i've had a lazy weekend, trading banana muffins and home-made lemonade for some earl grey tea leaves and coffee beans, sorting out some shipping of a grinder out of germany that i intend to sell on once it arrives to me, watching Wimbledon and eating pasta with my feet up.

i hae been due one of these a while

yes yes, its time for a proper music entry, full of worthwhile songs to download.

i am going to start outstandingly strongly. if you haven't found yourself in love with the national then i feel truely sorry for you. nooone makes epic songs sound so easy. cocophonous, bruised with dark beauty, pulsating along in a baritone swagger. perfect for autumn nights.
the national - mistaken for stangers
the national - brainy
the national - 90-mile water wall

brown recluse sings make me want to cling on to summer. an indian summer. a summer i never had here. one of open windows and laughter, meadows playing with your girl in longer grass, a car full after a day at the beach. it bops along with the zombies and the kinks like very few other. and sunny sad lullabies. the soundtrack to closing scenes of your favourite shows that they haven't tainted yet.
brown reculse sings - night train
brown recluse sings - meadowlark

a splash of rock & roll, a hollering female fronted 3-piece, cat power juiced up, kicking down the mic stand and stamping on overdrive with a big smirk, pj harvey if she came from americana in a true plaid shirt. heartless bastards are here to kick your ass in a wonderful way.
heartless bastards - all this time

blonde redhead are a bit of a mystery band. true they've been around a while, but their sound is one that eludes the constant pidgeon-holing. a bit like yo la tengo. but this song is one i can sumise. its an epic pop song of my bloody valentine meeting new order, fronted by an asian girl. its a fucking candy noise, blissfully sweet, its kind of like flying over the streets of neon lights, catching the heat and glow but being above that, in some higher place. a sonic afterglow.
blonde redhead - 23

a bit of iron & wine is always nice. always.
iron & wine - sodom, south georgia

a new band to me are the a-sides, they remind me a bit of the rolling stones at times, but others its hard to surmise. pavement perhaps, but a bit less out there. it's someone and i can't think who. just listen and make it up for yourself.
the a-sides - diamonds
the a-sides - cinematic

that will do for now, i've interluded with holby city and heroes and now i am mighty sleepy so bed for me. enjoy the songs.
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say it to me now

so i heard about this movie once a wee while back, mainly through the music used in it by the swell season. i didnt pay much attention to the music when i first got it, and didn't think of investigating more about the film. then i got listening to it lately and found myself liking the songs more and more. i offered up a song by them used in it yesterday whilst at home my computer was downloading the film. watched it last night and found it utterly wrenchingly good. musically it just ensnares me, visually its simple and works. i have been scouring round for another song from the film that i loved from the trailer, let alone the film. it really blew me away watching the film last night hearing this whole song in full, played in a mainly deserted street with the reverb of wet streets and shadowy alleyways. its full of passion and vitriol, a raw throaty celtic spirit that rips through you. its the kind of voice i wish i had.

glen hansard - say it to me now

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i'm going to start with a random random point of interest.

allow me to divulge down a harry potter point for a minute. the cave the "horcrux" was kept, just how the book describes it. how fantastic would this one suit for the films?...

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hello once again. some of you may remember me, others may not. some may be anticipating some musical musings, or a plethora of downloadable feasts. not today. today, well i feel confused by pretty much a lot of things. i live in a world of maybes, possibilities, convolution, and unsettlement. i live in contentment for moments, i live in wonder the rest.

i've ran out of time. the irony is not lost on me.

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good evening.

i am pretty much wiped out, burnt out, tired, but satisfied. my cheeks hurt from grinning and laughing. my feet hurt from walking and walking and walking. i shall explain a little.
i was out drinking thursday night. just a few.
i was out drinking friday night. a few more.
i was through to edinburgh fringe festival yesterday, where i drank and went to a lot of street performances and comedy shows. which was fantastic.
today brings me back to the start.

it has been a rather complicated week as well, between work and everything.

still, today i have taken it easy, had a lie in, eaten bacon rolls, watch the grand prix, had some coffee, and surfed about. here is the usual musical update:

windmill have the potential to be critically adored and cherished. flaming lips, mercury rev, but more gentle, the piano holds the melody, the voice aches in a neil young manner, the drums hammer. its beautiful.
windmill - tilting trains
windmill - plimsoll gravity

the sky drops are melodic bliss, a simple duo that live and breathe my bloody valentine, with harmonies almost as glorious as low's, a messy dirty sonic wall of guitar and voice and simple drums. i want more than just their ep. i want them to fall asleep to. i want them in my head when i kiss a beautiful girl in the rain. it revives me, makes me feel alive yet dreaming.
the sky drops - hang on
the sky drops - green to red
the sky drops - now would be

beirut is one man. a very creative one, it must be said. he has accordian, and brass, a classic voice like jens lekman, ancient albanian beats, multiple harmonies like sufjan stevens, that dances together into an street band march, gleeful for some small simple village success, with morris dancers in some far eastern town. or in other words, sort of decemberists and neutral milk hotel. i hope that means something to you. it is wonderfully different and beautiful.
beirut - mount wroclai
beirut - postcards from italy

king creosote are scottish. and you can tell as soon as you hear them. i love that. scottish and proud and honest. its folky but modern, its sad but learned, its optimistic but accepting. i've seen them live now a few times, and i love how good they are. they can break my heart and make me smile. it feels close to me.
king creosote - marguerita red
king creosote - 678

junior boys. electronica darlings. this is perfect for camp guys dancing round their room in their underpants before a night out. but who ever said they had bad taste? like pet shop boys or depeche mode or virtually any engaging 80's synthed beatific music. it is freakin good. and that description gets you alarmingly close to what you expect this to sound like.
junior boys - in the morning
junior boys - count souvenirs

jason collett is a member of broken social scene, that wonderful collective that i find myself consistantly listening to. so it lesley feist, and apostle of hustle, who are equally awesome. now jason is not to be left out by any means. this is lovely lovely songwriting, but i wont say it hit me in an instant. i bought this album back in canada and found it largely unlistened. my goodness i was foolish. for this is a complete album full of fantastic songs. really freaking good. i put it on loud when i am cooking and find myself dancing and stirring, then burning shit cause i'm in a daydream; it manages to be both inspiring and catchy as it does relaxing and introspective. pop songs with hooks and big choruses, folk songs with smoldering strums.
jason collett - tinsel & sawdust
jason collett - i'll bring the sun

i'll call it quits now. good night.
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fortnight since i last posted!? craaazy. i blame hanging about on myspace during the day *takes cover*. its seriously good for wasting time

so the house still has no internet or phone cause the farmers dug through the main phone line. we did however have our housewarming over the weekend, which was a lot of fun. i shall induldge you:

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