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everything means nothing to me
in the lost and found pictures of me / talk it out June 2008
Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006 02:04 pm

howdy. i've been internetless at work this week until now. hurrah! i'll kick things off with a fun request:

get creative and fill out my spaces!


I _____ you.

You have a nice______.

You make me _______.

You should _______.

Someday I will ______.

You + me =________.

If I saw you now I'd __________.

I would build a _______ just for you.

If I could sing you any song it would be _________.

We could __________ under the stars.


(P.S. ____________

Current Mood: bored bored
Current Music: the national - all the wine


Wednesday, July 26th, 2006 01:11 pm
we had some neat thunder at about 5am this morning. unfortunate part was it woke me up after only a few hours sleep. still, there are only a couple of things i dont mind being woken up at 5am for; thunderstorms and sex. i have yet to find the woman that does that though.

alas, my working day is evolving all the time. my orginal hired role is soon to be made unrequired, so i will shift on to new pastures, or some project, or something sometime soon. i seem to have as much of an idea as my management do, so we'll see. currently i am trying to work out damn concentration spikes for blood spots, which is a minor head fuck first time round. i'm sure i'll get right into it though. yep.

was down in dundee last night after an invite from an old buddy dave who's just moved into this neat flat on a wee cobbled lane called strawberry bank; if dundee had an original hippy core in the 60's, this was the place. i highly doubt that however. nontheless, it was quite fun, though i was the only sober one given i had to drive back to home later. i caught up with my old co-bandmate ian, and met daves new girlfriend, who is a rather lovely aussie girl thats up travelling in scotland just now. she kept trying to pry information about dave when he was just a wee whippersnapper, but i honestly have really few instant memories from then. none that would make a girlfriend cooo with bonus childhood info anyway. still, i gave them a ride to the pub at about midnight after they insisted they wanted martinis, with one girl determined to be shotgun. i have no idea why someone would fight to be shot gun in my retro wee car, really.

should be getting the new sofas real soon; i missed a call from the delivery folk earlier today, so i need to arrange a time for them to bring them along. which either means i take a day off work, or get my mum to lie in wait for some delivery men. i am sure she would jump at the chance!

back to work it is then.

Current Mood: lethargic lethargic


Sunday, July 23rd, 2006 03:42 pm

today is a good day. today i bring you a mix cd.

mix cd - 82:01

1: jens lekman - a sweet summer's night on hammer hill
this is a super infectious slice of summer breezy pop music. it sounds like a room full of school kids jumped up on candy and 60's records, having fun with a trumpet that was lying around, with handclaps and chants all instigated by jens, the cool ringleader they all adore.

2: the new pornographers - from blown speakers
a summer essential band for me now, we're carrying on in the 60's pop scene influence. these guys are consistently awesome. hook-laden songs. i'm a sucker for hooks.

3: olivia tremor control - holiday suprise 1,2,3
this is beatles indulgance without being a copy. which makes it darn good, pyschadelic, melodic, and hugely inventive.

4: broken social scene - almost crimes
there is something about collective groups that brings out a feeling of spontaneous music, folk just picking up whatevers around and playing whatever comes to them. songs that are good have an emotional core, tap into a specific emotion. this is zealous joy.

5: jon brion - bookstore
every mix i make tends to have an instrumental interleude, something that links it all, a small piece that is so beautiful i make an excuse to put it in. this a one minute song that epitomises a year of memories for me. it wont mean that to you, but you will bliss out somewhere with it.

6: radiohead - there there
i just love this song. its so angry, if anger, or the swell of anger, was put to song, this would be it.

7: psapp - hi
how fantastic is this! particularly with a set of headphones. its cute electronica, it plinks and plonks, its a digital caberet. i swear you'll be singing "i will not hold my horses" by the end of it.

8: wolf parade - this heart's on fire
its funny, i dont think this band quite got the praise they should after the hype. some reveer this album as raw and new and exciting. i am one of those. those distorted guitar chops, descending riffs, crashing lo-fi drums, wayward organ fleeting in the whole mess. again this is angry, but in a passionate way.

9: the figurines - ambush
these dudes are my current favourite driving music. its got built to spill meeting the kinks somewhere in amidst it all. hooks galore; i mean check out that chorus! followed by that distorted bass and jarring moog organ. its just sweet.

10: olivia tremor control - define a transparent dream
if i didnt rave about these dudes enough before, here is proof that the whole album is awash with goodness. dear prudence lives on.

11: the sky drops - now would be
hits you like a melodic sonic boom, this has my bloody valentine all over it.

12: boards of canada - the constants are changing
ambient electronica from some of the pioneers of the sound. headphone pornography peep show.

13: yo la tengo - one p.m again
i should be beginning to get you into this band by now. you will love them. you will. sooo very velvet underground meets americana.

14: scott matthews - elusive
dark, beautiful, haunting vocals. a song for lovers when they want to get it on slow and sensual. i guess...

15: jamie lidell - game for fools
oh yes. yes yes yes. so honest. this is my song just now. hypnotic soulful groove, you swear this dude is from the 70s.

i will come back and find out what people make of it if they take the plunge. and if christian or lou or emma feel like putitng on the mix-cd journal malarky they are welcome.

Current Music: Jamie Lidell - Game For Fools


Friday, July 21st, 2006 04:36 pm

so random it made me laugh. its friday so we should laugh


Monday, July 17th, 2006 02:16 pm
okay, do yourself a huge favour and download this song:

jamie lidell - multiply

now i've got you chilled out, groovin. i've been loving this song all weekend. the sun was out, and brahma beer is just perfect in that. i had a bbq out last night at the house with kirstie and the richards and dave, having a fine old time. i'm happy to say its beginning to feel like home. and noone has died from my cooking yet.

i guess a lot has happened lately. my friend richard, who i mentioned above, checked himself in to a pyschiatric ward for a month, not long getting out actually. i always knew he was crazy, but i thought that was just around me! otherwise, work is about as bipolar as him, with accusations of bullying being put to me, which is totally askew; i just dont see eye-to-eye with stubborn feminists. management seem to be on my side with this. however she is being nice as pie to me now, so i really am quite happy to roll with things. em, what else...folks are off to amsterdam for a sexy fortnight of swinging. oh and i seem to quite like gardening. old man alert.

reading kafka on the shore just now, which is excellent so far in that typical vague murakami vein. i highly reccomend reading it. mr nakata is quite funny really.

there seems to be loads i want to say, but i'd rather be daydreaming. happy grooving.


Thursday, July 6th, 2006 09:55 pm

summer. so summer songs. sort of.

yo la tengo - the lie and how we told it
i love yo la tengo. love them. i havent raved about them nearly enough here, but i can hear the heart beating as one has sneaked way up in my regard over time. its just talent. its modern velvet underground. its radiohead in a graceful lull.

franz ferdinand - take me out (hot chip remix)
i dig hot chip. their cut paste work is neat on good old franz's take me out. its now fresh, blipping and jerking out yoru stereo for another summer.

donovan - season of the witch
chill out to donovan with a beer. it couldnt be any more than a summer evening. classic sixties cool.

oh no! oh my! - walking in the city
very much like the shins, these boys can rack up a wee cheerful sunny ditty. take a walk.

ray lamontagne - crazy (gnarls barkley cover)
this dude reminds me of van morrison, really loose, really raw, passionate. course he isnt nearly as cool as van morrison, but i still like this.

howling bells - low happening
like the yeah yeah yeahs, but aussies. which is only a good thing! egotripping and worth it.

los campesinos - you! me! dancing!
in continum of aussie goodness, here come new-age boppers of twee, alongside architecture in helsinki. super cute girls, hip dudes, super catchy tunes. fun. and a little bit crazy.

hookers green no. 1 - bloody great big fucking party
a bit more craziness, this time from some obscure scots! twee, woo-woo, rattles and shakes. so many things going on, but somehow its a messy joyous ramshackle of a pop song. architecture in helsinki meets the go! team.

grandaddy - jeez louise
good old grandaddy in his rocking chair and a pipe and corn fields doing just fine out the back. maybe not. this is why lots of us will miss jason and co.

goldfrapp - time out from the world (fields remix)
bliss out after all that with this. the lush goldfrapp with a little hint and splash of beat and quirk.

mara carlyle - game for fools
i feel like a fool far too much. i was actually looking for jamie lidell's original of this, but this is a charming cover. throwback to old times, a ukulele, a singing saw, and an incredible voice. the fade out to when the stars start to come out, and your far too drunk.

Current Mood: humid


Friday, June 23rd, 2006 03:57 pm

rolling towards the weekend, i'll bring us some songs to sing:

an elliott chronical for you. its quite amazing how his sound grew over time.
elliott smith - southern belle
elliott smith - ballad of big nothing
elliott smith - pitseleh
elliott smith - somebody that i used to know
elliott smith - stupidity tries
elliott smith - thirteen

we'll move on to:

neko case - hold on hold on
neko case is the lovely female part of the new pornographers and has this blend of indie, pop, and americana that just washes over you.

the flaming lips - the spark that bled
the soft bulletin is up there with the best albums of all time in my modest opinion, a beautiful, sonic album about life, in waynes almost cute lyrics sometimes. this a sublime example from that album.

jose gonzales - hand on your heart
jose has such a beautiful sound, i listen often in envy of how delicate and heartfelt he is. he makes me love a kylie monogue song.

sufjan stevens - the predatory wasp of the palisades is out to get us
this song title is just a glimpse of how amazing sufjan stevens is. he is probably the most talented songwriter around just now, turning out song after song, albums full of themes and feeling, ranging from folk to rock, to orchestral to bareboned. this is just a gorgeous song. so is this one:
sufjan stevens - chicago

i'll have to cut it short here; hometime for me. enjoy.


Tuesday, June 20th, 2006 02:04 pm
i wish i got more sleep. these daylight hours and naked windows force me awake at unhappy early hours. the head-under-the-pillow technique doesnt seem to shut out the light either. i'll conceed that i should buy some blinds soon.

still this week is better than the last. last week i didnt really know where i stood. but i spoke my mind, and it was about time i had. its amazing how silence can be an answer.

i had a busy weekend, helping out at the cafe for a short while, mending deve (belindas 5 year old daughter fell) and helping kirstie move her stuff in, before heading down to dundee to meet up with my brother for his birthday. drove home much too tired but had a good time. enjoyed a rare lie in on sunday, showed a guy about fionas room, took a swim at the pool in the afternoon, and saw my dad for fathers day. pretty basic stuff.

went to the pub last night and met up with my mate richard. watched the football, but got plaugued by this absolute lunatic. really he was so inconsistent, he could talk for hours and never reach the point of the whole conversation. he side tracks himself at every turn. i dont think he was quite right. he went off to get some st. andrews tie of his to show us, and we got out of that pub as quick as we could. weird. but it amused us afterwards.

finished my book "becoming strangers" last night, which was a good read, a bit bleak at points but an entirely accurate slice of relationships over life, its characters instantly vivid. not sure which is next on the list, maybe "cloud atlas".

a wee alphabet thing:

[A is for age]: 24
[B is for beer of choice] : Belhaven Best
[C is for career]: Quality Control Technician i guess
[D is for your dog's name]: Cinnamon, if i had a dog (Norwegain Wood influenced)
[E is for your essential daily item]: Music
[F is for favorite song at the moment]: Sufjan Stevens - Chicago
[G is for favorite games]: Card games
[H is for Hometown]: Monifieth
[I is for the instrument you play]: Guitar, Euphonium, Harmonica, Piano
[J is for favorite flavor of juice]: Cranberry
[K is for kids]: None of my own.
[L is for last hug?]: Daisy; Amanda at the cafes daughter. She has a soft spot for me.
[M is for marriage]: Sure, some day if it works out that way.
[N is for name of your crush]: 3 guesses who
[O is for overnight hospital stays]: None that i remember
[P is for phobias]: None that i have discovered yet.
[Q is for quote]:
"Old man look at my life,
Twenty four and there's so much more
Live alone in a paradise
That makes me think of two."
[R is for biggest regret]: I regret some fallicies of youthful pride
[S is for status]: Single
[T is for time you wake up]: Its about 5am just now until i get those blinds
[U is for underwear]: Stripy boxershorts
[V is for vegetable you love]: Raw carrotts
[W is for worst habit]: Picking my toenails
[X is for x-rays you've had]: No x-rays unless at the dentists.
[Y is for yummy food you make]: Current favourite: chargrilled chicken with red peppers and basil in a creamy red pesto and parmesan cheese sauce, with taglatelli.
[Z is for zodiac]: Aries

Current Music: neko case - hold on hold on


Thursday, June 15th, 2006 12:40 pm
Well i thought i was having a pretty shit week so far; today hasnt really helped at all. Fiona, the girl who had signed the lease to the farmhouse with me, was made redundant today, which means she can no longer move in.


Current Mood: frustrated frustrated


Monday, June 12th, 2006 10:49 am
a sleepy slow monday morning. waking up to rain and my alarm sounding. much too cozy. switch it to snooze and watch raindrops slide down the window. a text message buzzes through. false optimism. just from my mum saying i stole her pack of mince from the fridge last night. brain clicks into some gear and realises i must of left her the smaller pack i had bought and taken hers. i also realise i was too busy with my own thoughts yesterday to notice.

ellie came down for the weekend; it was nice. the safest word in the world. nice. its true though. we end up so remote from our honest feelings that nice is where we end up. you really enjoy it but its so full of potential that you part wondering what wasnt said or done. i love this girl; she might still love me, but cant trust that feeling. she has a boyfriend. and i wont step over that line. i came close not so long ago, but i'm not here for comaprison. it's just awkward when it doesnt have to be.

home time. and sunshine. time for a beer i think...